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New K Machine release 2.61

K Machine 2.6 release from Kolargon on Vimeo.

For more infos, click here : K Machine v 2.61

And, hum, I'm probably repeating myself a bit, but if you like the K Machine, I want to help making it even more interesting, please let a review on the AppStore, it really helps: more reviews=better rank=more sales=more time to develop. Thanks in advances !
And for sure suggestions are welcome, there are a huge list of features already in the pipe, but it is always interesting to prioritize feature which are most in demand;

v 2.61 (Sept 2017) list of new features/evolutions

✓Ableton link
✓New 'Tempo bypass' controller in the main audio track panel. When on, the loop specific tempo is not applied on entering loop (useful when using AB Link and don't want the tempo to be changed by K Machine on each loop selection)
✓Input level moved from 'user setting' panel to the 'main audio' controllers panel, now a project global controller.
✓Zip export:
any shaders or sounds samples folder can be exported as zipped file.
any project can be export as zipped file, containing the main project and all it's dependencies (audio samples and shaders files).
✓Zip import:
any zipped folder of shader or audio samples can be export as a zipped file.
any zipped project can be imported. The main project file and all it's dependencies will be automatically installed.
✓"Open in..." feature.
any .glsl (shader file), .wav or .aiff, and .zip file can be opened by the K Machine.
From the K Machine, any .wav/aiff or .glsl file can be opened in any app integrating the 'Open in' feature for this kind of file. For example, .glsl shaders file can be opened in text editor for code edition.
✓Audioshare can be used for shader file importation.
✓Link to video tutorials Youtube channel added in the Infos section.
✓Link to the K Machine Forum added to the Infos section.
✓Randomization button added to the sequencer tools panel.
✓Loop selection tools enhanced.
✓Overall stability greatly enhanced.
✓Split tool automatically turns off after event split.
✓Updated documentation.
✓Simplified code for adding controllers in glsl files (no more need to assign a specific number to each controller).
✓Lots a smaller bugs fixed.
✓6 new visual shaders.
✓4 glsl examples shaders.

Get K Machine here:

Product page:

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