Welcome to the Kolargones project
I am a guitarist, drawer, cognitivist biologist, and computer programmer. This is my artistic blog since 2001.
To summarize :
I have always felt a strong connection between visual and auditory signals: in my mind, music would always evoke some abstract moving visual patterns, and, similarly, visual patterns – whether it being static drawings or visual animations – would evoke some kind of auditive counterparts.
Being interested in this phenomenon for a while, I progressively came to the inner feeling that, whether I was practicing automatic drawing, or improvising music on my guitar, I was, in fact, only trying to express through a particular medium ( i.e. visual or sound), some kind of underlying and undifferentiated type of structure. As, for practical reasons I needed a word to designate these structures, I arbitrary choose to call them “Kolargones” or “K structures” (I use both terms indifferently).

In this blog, I bring together the various sides of what I consider to be an exploration of these, so called, “K structures”.
As a cognitivist and biologist, I can’t stop trying to develop considerations, ideas and theories about the neural substrate of these structures, the source of their complexity, their paradigmatic implications etc…these reflexions are grouped in the “Words” section ( not updated yet as I am migrating from my previous website ).
As a computer programmer, I am obviously also interested in creating software experiments in order to approach the best I can, the inner feeling of these structures. From this perspective, the computational part of this research can be considered as an intermediate between the drawing part and the musical part : whereas, through automatic drawing ( corpus K) and through guitar improvisation (music section), I try to express these “K structures” in their simplest form using a particular medium, In the computational part, I instead try, from the analysis and/or the reuse of the ‘manual work’, to create generative art algorithms that approach, best as possible, these “K structures”.

Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to contact ;)
( I am currently in the process of migrating this blog , so new content regularly arrive from the old website … come back later ! ;)

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Corpus K

Corpus K is a series of drawings done by hand , which once vectorized , are also used as building blocks for some of generative art series.